Sugarveil Icing Dispenser Set



Product Description

The SugarVeil® Icing Dispenser is a hand-held, air powered tool for drawing very fine decorative details with icings, sauces, chocolate, and light batters.

Pastry decorations and plated dessert garnishes are accurately and effortlessly dispensed without hand fatigue – simply place a finger over the flow control hole.

A continuous suction produced in the tip of the dispenser eliminates drips.
The patented product is drip-free and is supplied with all accessories, including a 5 PSI 110V air pump.

The following items are included with the SugarVeil® Icing Dispenser:

  • 8 cartridges
  • 8 anti-gravity “followers”
  • 14 assorted pen tips
  • 8 storage tips
  • 8 storage plugs
  • Dispenser
  • 8 cleaning plungers
  • Puller tool
  • Air pump with air line
  • 2 air lines
  • SugarVeil® Confectionery Icing
  • Durable plastic dual-opening case
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