Jem Tool Set (#1-#6)



Product Description

JEM Tools

  • Small Ball Tool – Useful to press into blossom petals resting on a JEM Petal Pad, creating a cupped effect.
  • Arrow Head – When using flower paste to cover sprigs and other stems which have more than one branch, this tool will help to smooth the stems.
  • Blunt Ended Point – Used to indent baby blossom petals resting on a JEM Petal Pad.
  • Auger Tool – Used to begin making a trumpet shaped flower. To frill the edges of petals.
  • Bone Tool – To soften the edge of petals on a JEM Petal Pad, or to encourage petals to curl. Use as a ball tool.
  • Bone Tool – Slightly smaller head
  • Dresden Tool – For fluting and frilling petals. This tool will also help to increase the size of any petal. It’s pointed tip is used to emphasize the centre of some flowers.
  • Veining Tool – Wil lmake vein markings which are difficult to create with other veiners.
  • Cone Tool – The single edge of this tool may be used to form a trumpet.
  • Double Veiner Tool – The double edge of this tool is used to mark in veins on leaves, daises, etc.
  • Large Ball Tool – Use on larger petals. To make a throat. Useful for cutting out detail on multi-facet cutter. Eg. Fairy frieze when using the cutter upside down.
  • Shell – Useful to indent the edge of a plaque made out of fondant or pastillage. Edges of a cake board covered with fondant may be decorated using this pattern.
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